What should you expect when you decide to work with a coach? Coaching is a process that starts with getting to know the client, moves into a deeper and challenging exchange of questions and ideas, and results in action.

The client and the coach will meet to get to know each other, and to establish a supportive and honest relationship. It is in this phase that the client and coach will enter into a contract. The coach will learn about the nature of the issue, challenge, and/or opportunity; discuss the client’s hopes and concerns; and clarify the parameters of the coaching process. The coach will get a deeper understanding of what is going on. Topics such as where are you now, what direction do you want to go, what do you want to accomplish, and how motivated are you for change will be explored.

As the coaching progresses, the conversations will intensify. The coach will ask the clients tough questions that challenge and provoke in order to stimulate deeper thinking. The client will be encouraged to look at things in different and sometimes new ways. Ideas can be explored, and the client is encouraged to take chances on new approaches and new ways of thinking. The client will have a safe space in which to examine what is and what isn’t working, try new behaviors, and learn from new experiences.

The conversations between the client and the coach will lead to action. The clients will discover opportunities, insights and strengths in order to focus alignment on commitments. The client and coach will assess where the client is on commitments, and the coach will support the client on a mapping a strategy, and help the client stay on track to execute the strategy.

Throughout the coaching engagement, the focus of the coaching is always up to the client. Life changes and the client goals may change, the coach will always start with the client; it is the client’s topic, not the coach's. The client is supported in order to attain a more desirable result in one or more parts of the client’s life.